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Ordesa N.P.  |  6 days  |  Pyrenees-Spain  |  From 730€  |


Just a 4-hour drive away from Barcelona lies the spectacular Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. I invite you to follow me on this unique 6-day trek where we’ll explore the spectacular beauty of the Spanish Pyrenees!

Established in 1918, this Spanish treasure was the first protected area in the country. Today, it is still an indisputable highlight of the Pyrenees. Famous for its four deep canyons, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is known as the ‘Spanish Grand Canyon’. Located at 3,355 meters and right in the centre of this park, lies the limestone peak of Monte Perdido. By following the Monte Perdido route, we’ll discover this region’s magical valleys, thundering waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery.

Our expedition will start and finish in the charming Bujaruelo Valley, nestled on the banks of the Ara River. We’ll go from hut to hut, every morning we’ll have a new place to explore and every afternoon, a new place to rest and relax. The 6-day trip covers 90 km (or 56 miles) and every day participants will walk approximately 15 km (9 miles). Consequently, it is a moderate to difficult hike which requires a good fitness level.

This hiking tour is a great opportunity to explore the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park! So send your request now and get ready for this 6-day trek!





DAY 1: Bujaruelo - Brecha de Rolando - Refugio de Goriz

Trail length               Altitude+               Altitude-               Approximate time

16,2 km                   1493 m                  693m                    8 - 9 h​

DAY 2: Refugio de Goriz - Faja de las Olas - Collado de Añisclo - Refugio de Pineta

Trail length               Altitude+               Altitude-               Approximate time

13 km                       500  m                  1460 m                 6 - 7 h​

DAY 3:Refugio de Pineta - Balcón de Pineta - Lago de Marboré - Refugio de Espuguettes

Trail length               Altitude+               Altitude-               Approximate time

15 km                       1711 m                  978m                     8 -9 h​

DAY 4: Refugio de Espuguettes - Circo de Gabarnie - Refugio de la Grange de Holle

Trail length               Altitude+               Altitude-               Approximate time

13 km                       353 m                   864 m                   6 - 7 h​

DAY 5: Refugio de la Grange de Holle- Valle d´Ossue - Refugio de Bayssellance - Refugio de Oulettes

Trail length               Altitude+               Altitude-               Scheduled time

21 km                       1325 m                 669 m                   8 - 9 h​

DAY 6: Refugio de Oulettes - Collado de los Mulos - Valle del Ara - Bujaruelo

Trail length               Altitude+               Altitude-               Approximate time

18 km                       440 m                   1253 m                 7 - 8 h​




Ordesa-Monte Perdido National Park.

Pyrenees - Spain




May, June, July, August, September, October




Up to 8 per mountain leader







- Mountain leader (UIMLA)

- 5 nights accommodation

 at mountain huts

- All meals during the trekking



- Transport (available on request)

- Picnics

- Travel Insurance (available  on request)

- Single accommodation (available

 on request)

PRICE from 

730 € 

  • Backpack, 45 l.

  • Hiking footwear

  • Hiking poles

  • Technical mountain clothing.

  • Hiking trousers and jacket made of Gore-Tex

  • Hat or winter hat and gloves

  • liner sleeping bag

  • Sun cream and protective lip balm

  • Sun glasses

  • Head lamp and extra batery

  • 1.5 litre water bottle or camelbak

  • Small first aid kit and any personal medication.

Ordesa N.P.  |  6 days  |  Pyrenees-Spain  |  From 730€

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