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Skytouring  |  8 days  |  Hardangervidda - Norway  |  from 1.375€  |




Latitud Nomada and X-plore Travel and Expeditions want to take you to the most wild and espectacular area in Norway with a surface close to 8,000 km2 and a height which oscilates between 1,100 and 1,400 meters, the Hardangervidda is the most extensive plateau in Europe. Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen planned and prepared lots of expeditions at the Hardangervidda.

This trekking is developed under special weather conditions, temperatures will always be below zero and the wind can cause a rather cold thermal sensation. Good physical condition and adequate equipment is essential, although previous experience in this type of terrain is not necessary. The Latitud Nomada and X-plore Travel and Expedition guides have extensive experience in this type of terrain and specific certification endorsed by the Wilderness Guide Association. We are happy to advise you on everything related to the preparation of the trip and the necessary equipment.

In these spots, there is scarce vegetation due to the harsh climatic conditions (violent winds, frequent storms and a winter as bitter as in the North of the country). In fact, the Hardangervidda is located above the wooded area and indicates the southern border in the introduction of lots of arctic plants. Here we can find the biggest concentration of reindeers in northern Europe.

Although the plateau’s dominant area is a slope full of furrows, there are also montanious zones. In the western area of the plateau, which has an Alpine nature, it goes down abruptly towards narrow valleys and to the Sørfjord fjord. In the Northwest, we find one of the biggest glaciers in Norway, the Hardangerjøkulen. The Hårteigen peak, in the center of the plateau, is like an indicative pole: it is 1,960 meters high and its peculiar shape, similar to a hat, can be seen almost from every point of the plateau.



Day 1:

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen we will take the train to Finse, located at 1,222 meters high, the highest train station in Norway. This train line links the cities of Oslo and Bergen and is considered to be one of the most beautiful train routes in the world. We will have dinner and spend the night in shelter.

Day 2 - 6:

Initially we headed east, south of the huge Hardangerjokulen glacier. The terrain is undulating with some slight rise, so at the end of the day we enter on the Alpine plateau of Hardangervidda. We will travel about 12 km a day and each of us will take your personal material and part of the common in the pulkas that we will drag. Every day we will mount and dismantle our camp with tents specific for this type of conditions. We will dine at Tipis and prepare the next day.

Day 7

After picking up the camp we will head to Finse where we will arrive at noon and stop at the Hostel.

Day 8

The train will take us back to Oslo in the morning where we will have a chance to take a short walk to get to know the city before heading to the airport.



Handargervidda National Park.





December, 3rd to 10th, 2017



4 to 10 per mountain leader







- Mountain leader ( WGA & UIMLA)

- 1 night accommodation at guest house

- Camps and tents

- Oslo - Finse train tickets

- All meals, including packed lunch

- Pulks and harnesses

- Group materials

- Safety and communication equipment



- Plane tickets

- Travel Insurance

- Personal equipment

- Personal expenses

- All the services not included

PRICES from 

1.375 € 

  • We will provide a complete list of material as well as advice.

Skytouring  |  8 days  |  Hardangervidda - Norway  |  from 1.375€  |

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